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A fundraising campaign to acquire origami works from around the world!

In addition to continuing with the  projects 2021 , the Origami Museum aims to increase the collection of  international works. That is why we started this fundraising campaign. 

The Origami Museum has set out to acquire certain works by international artists. This will allow the collection to be increased according to the needs of the museum.

The acquisition of works should also be seen as a gesture tending to overcome cultural stereotypes that  condition the appreciation of origami as art. 

For this reason the museum, although it does not discourage donations, favors enhancement through purchase. 


Compensating the artist for his work is an act of justice. 

The museum has been acquiring works but this has been a financially difficult year.We hope that this campaign contributes to making the proposed objective a reality. To make your donation, click on the button and enter the amount you want.No amount is small and everything helps to achieve this goal. Thank you for understanding and supporting us.

Thanks to your help, in 2022 the museum was able to acquire works by Chen Xiao, including Walking in the Rain, winner of the 2021 Josel Prize in the Figurative category. The transportation of works donated by William Huang (Taiwan), Nan (Taiwan) and the Gabriel Vong (Hong Kong) collection were also paid for. See more informationhere.



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Our gift to you! We want to thank you! All gifts of $25.00 or more will receive a link to the Virtual Tour of the Museo del Origami.


The package includes a salutation by Laura Rozenberg-Sofi, founder and director of the Museo del Origami, and Wendy Zeichner, director of OrigamiUSA. The second part is the 20 minutes tour of the museum. The third part is a dissertation about the making of the museum by Ms. Rozenberg-Sofi. And the last part is a bonus showing a video clip in fast motion on the building of the museum.


This package was created to commemorate the first anniversary of the museum and was aired for the first time on Jan. 24th. If you have seen the Virtual Tour during the celebration, you will be granted permission to share the link with a friend who didn't have the chance to participate. 

What people are saying about the Museum and the Virtual Tour (And remember, this tour will be yours with a donation of $25 or more!)

"The Museum is a remarkable achievement and deserves our full support". Paul Jackson (UK/Israel)

"Congratulations.  The museum is great on all levels. Impressive. The tour as well was beautiful and informative. We hope to visit someday and explore your historical collection". Erik and Martin Demaine (USA)


"I can't believe what I just saw... so impressive, diverse, and updated... I must go visit". Ilan Garibi (Israel)

"What a great production!!  The video tour was fabulous.  The camera work, your narration....and the museum itself. Wonderful job of designing the space.  It's so cozy and inviting. And the's a really beautiful. Now, more than ever, I really want to visit." Charlene Morrow (USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I especially liked the light-box presentation of the tessellation models; it really captures the beauty and intricacy of the folds. Turning a small space into a gem! Oh, to see it in person..." Delrosa Marshall (USA)

Don't wait any longer! Make your donation and receive the Virtual Tour of the Origami Museum as a gift!

Contributions or gifts to Museo del Origami are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes

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