Exhibit rooms


Peace cranes welcome visitors to the museum

Room I:
Typologies and new expressions

Exhibited here are exemplars of the principal origami typologies: modular, pleating, tesselation, corrugation and wet-folding. Also on view are works created by children in different countries. The hall features a 50-inch television for showing origami-related documentaries.

Room II:
History of Origami

Traces the evolutionary lines of origami in the East and West with special emphasis on the interaction between the two regions beginning in the mid-19th Century as well as the appearance of “New Origami” in the second half of the 20th  Century. Four tablets display videos on these topics.

Room III:
Great Masters. Science, Education and Design

Prominent works from the museum’s collection. Examples of origami applied to science and technology, education and design. Information supplemented by videos. The library is situated on an elevated space above the science and technology vitrine.


Describes the methods of creating origami models and their modes of transmission.

"Gershon Legman" Library

The "Gershon Legman" library has books, magazines, films, letters, photographs, original foldings from historic sources and miscellany about the history of origami. 

Gift shop

Origami papers, books and origami gifts.

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