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The Origami Museum Video Library

Every Saturday, the Origami Museum Video Library will add a new video introducing renowned origami artists and researchers from around the world. Videos have English and Spanish subtitles.

This is another contribution of the museum, aimed at preserving the work and memory of origami artists, historical and contemporary, as well as the history of origami.

Origami and Mathematics II: Thomas C. Hull

April 25, 2020

Thomas C. Hull teaches mathematics at Western New England University in Massachusetts.

Tom is an extraordinarily creative and fun teacher, who uses paper folding in his advanced university courses. He is also the author of numerous scientific papers and books to teach origami mathematics and geometry in high school and college. He is also famous for designing complex and very beautiful origami models.

Origami and Mathematics I: Eulàlia Tramuns

April 18, 2020

Eulàlia Tramuns has a doctorate in mathematics from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and is also the founder of EspaiMat, a space for learning mathematics. Eulàlia relies on origami to design resources for teaching mathematics at all levels. She is the author, together with María Luisa Spreafico of the book The Origami and Mathematics Poster Pack, published by Tarquin Group (2019).

Visual Arts and Origami: Alejandro Arce

April 11, 2020

Alejandro Arce, Argentine visual artist, teacher and sculptor has created this delicious video especially for the Origami Museum, where he tells how he has created the origami figures for the Paka-Paka Argentine TV channel. You can see other videos of Alejandro on his YouTube page:

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