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The Origami Museum Video Library

Every Saturday, the Origami Museum Video Library will add a new video introducing renowned origami artists and researchers from around the world. Videos have English and Spanish subtitles. 
This is another contribution of the museum, aimed at preserving and talking about the work and memory of historical and contemporary origami artists, as well as the history of paperfolding.

Origami and Art: Victoria Serova and Vladimir Serov

May 31, 2020

Vladimir Serov and Victoria Serova is a Russian couple with extensive experience in origami. In this short video we will learn about some of their works and how they complement each other.

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Tessellation Engineering: Miguel Gañán

May 23, 2020

Miguel Gañán (1955-) is a Spanish-born engineer, Argentine resident, who spends a good part of his time developing his passion: origami, and more precisely, the tessellation technique. In this video, Miguel will show us what they are, how he began his involvement in te art, and how his tessellations constructions look like. Currently, he is working on the first Spanish-language book on tessellations, illustrated by the Argentine designer Alejandra Zapico. He expects to have his book ready within this year.

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Origami and Art: Lisa Corfman

May 16, 2020

Lisa Corfman (USA) is an artist, that is how she was born and how she defines herself. In this video, she is going to tell us how she started in the various arts she practices, from painting and drawing to poetry and origami. Lisa attends Origami conventions in the United States, where everyone knows her for the objects she exhibits, including postcards and origami jewelry. She currently lives in Maynard, Massachusetts, with the company of his various goldfish.

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Origami, Art and Design: Paul Jackson

May 9, 2020

Paul Jackson (England / Israel) (1956-) From minimalist single-fold works to large compositions where the image is deconstructed by the effect of folding, Paul Jackson's creations reveal a careful analysis of matter and a search that elevates origami to fine arts. Paul lives in Israel with his wife Miri Golan, also an origami artist and founder of the Origametria, a program for teaching mathematics and geometry through origami in schools across the country.

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Origami and Health: Daniela Izquierdo Ruiz

May 1 , 2020

Daniela Izquierdo Ruíz is a Mexican industrial designer with a PhD from the University of Durham, UK. In her research, Daniela focuses on taking advantage of the resources that origami provides to improve emotional well-being. Together with his mother, Elvia Ruíz, they have published a manual for patients and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients, with activities that help exercise memory and reduce stress.

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