Año: 2020
April : Alejandro Arce (Argentina); Eulàlia Tramuns (Catalonia); Tom Hull (USA)
May : Daniela Izquierdo (Mexico); Paul Jackson (UK / Israel); Lisa Corfman (USA); Miguel Gañán (Spain / Argentina); Victoria Serova and Vladimir Serov (Russia)
June : Felipe Moreno, EMOZ (Spain); Arnold Tubis (USA); Yuki Martin (Japan / USA); The mystery of the dragonfly (Museum of Origami in Cologne)
July : History of the word Origami, part I and II (Museum of Origami in Cologne); Paula Pietranera (Argentina / USA); Andrés Sánchez (Colombia / Argentina)
August : Pinocchio, an origami illustrated book by Anna Rosa Ventura; "Florence Temko Innovation Award"; reproduction of the Canal 3 Colonia video about the Origami Museum, filmed in February this year; "A Butterfly for Laura", creation of Paul Jackson; Interview with Mick Guy. Akira Yoshizawa's peacock.
September : Giuseppe Baggi, a globetrotter from paper.

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