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News 2022

New additions to the museum collection

The spirit of anime in the work of Chen Xiao

"I am Chen Xiao from China. I have been studying origami for 13 years. Human figures and animals are my favorite subjects. Most of my models were designed from box folds and 22.5° construction. Nowadays I tend to create my works in the form of origami, instead of simply using paper to imitate other forms of art." (From the CFC site, Community for Creators)
The Museo del Origami has acquired twelve works by Chen Xiao with funds from the Fund for Origami Art. One of them, titled Walking in the Rain, was the winner of the Joisel Award in the Figurative category in 2021. The other works are inspired by human figures from anime and manga. 

Gabriel Vong: great interpreter of great creators

The Museo del Origami highlights the works of original creators and also seeks to value the interpretations of these originals made by leading professionals in the art of origami. In this regard, the museum appreciates Gabriel Vong's decision to donate his entire collection, which includes interpretations of works by Akira Yoshizawa, Robert Lang, Neal Elias, Michael LaFosse, Román Díaz, and many others. His work is so vast that the museum will hold many exhibitions of this collection.