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Report of work carried out in 2021

Intermittently due to the pandemic, the museum remained open. 
Summary of activities.


  • Exhibition : About 4,000 people visited the museum between January and March 24 and between September 24 and the end of the year. The rest of the year was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The number of visitors is very auspicious considering that the visits must be made with capacity and that the majority have been Uruguayans since entry to the country was very limited.  

  • Courses : More than 100 teachers and other professionals have taken the " Origami and Geometry " course taught by Professor Stella Ricotti, aimed at early and middle school teachers and art workshop coordinators. The course is distance learning, without the imposition of time.  It is made up of 47 videos with a duration of almost seven hours. The edition was in charge of the production team of the Origami Museum.  

  • Workshops : Between March and September, five virtual origami workshops were held with a duration of one month  

  • Collection : three works by Rebecca Gieseking acquired with the proceeds of the 2020 donations were added to the museum's collection.  

  • Education : Starting in September, school visits were resumed. More than 20 schools from different cities in Uruguay were able to visit the museum in person. All children are given folding supplies and a 20-page educational booklet on origami, based on information from history and artists whose works are in the museum.  

  • Research : In issue 136 of The Paper magazine a special investigation was published on the contribution of George Rhoads (1926-2021) to the development of origami: "Soul of a Child, Mind of an Engineer"; "How Rhoads became an Origami Star in 1950. With contributing articles by Emily Rhoads Johnson and Hans Dybkjær". 
    Work continued with material from the Gershon Legman archive and other historical sources. "Unwrapping the Riddle of Yoshizawa-Legman" ( The Paper # 137, OrigamiUSA
    ) recounts the circumstances that made possible the first contact between Gershon Legman and Akira Yoshizawa. The story is founded on correspondence in the Legman Archive of the Museum of Origami. An extension of this story will be published soon in OrigamiUSA's online magazine The Fold. In the magazine Le Pli (# 162) of the French association MFPP was published "Qu ' -est ce que le pli (age)?", An interview with the philosopher and epistemologist Michael Friedman.

  • Gift Shop : the offer of papers, origami books and souvenirs available in the gift shop and in the museum's online store continues to be expanded. We are very grateful to Delrosa Marshall (USA) for her donation of origami postcards. The originals become part of the Museum's collection.  

  • Incorporation to the National Registry of Museums and Museum Collections of Uruguay : the Origami Museum has been formally incorporated into the National Network of Museums and Museum Collections of Uruguay. See certificate here

  • Library : Special thanks to Tom Hull for approaching Cambridge University Press for a book donation. They were received from said publisher:
    "Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, and Polyhedra" ,  by Erik Demaine; 
    "How to Fold It" , by Joseph O'Rourke
    "Origametry" by Thomas Hull


  • Donations : We thank the following people for their generous donations made  Through the website and contributions on the occasion of the museum's first year: 

    Juliana Biro
    Faye Goldman
    Lanita Foley
    Jana Dambroggio
    Carlos Canales
    Stephanie Wichhart
    Seda Altay
    Carolyn richardson
    Katie Hodge
    Birgit Schilling
    Sajita Menon
    Chantal Prestat
    M. Burton
    Joel Stern
    Kathleen Stewick
    Delrosa Marshall
    Vedder Wright
    Sigalit Peer
    Steven Matthews
    Miguel Gañan
    Peter Engel
    Karen Reeds
    Ikuko Fong
    Isabel Lupiani
    Donna Walcavage
    Catherine Johnson
    Patsy Wang
    Matthew Green
    Jan Polish
    Anthony Sherwin
    Lanny sherwin
    Ginger Fold
    Cindy Guadagno
    Lisa Dunlap
    Eulalia Tramuns
    Koustub Oka
    Paula Pietranera
    Cliff Landesman
    Wendy Zeichner
    Linda Singer
    Edward Holmes
    Yuki Martin
    Jane Rosmarin


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