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The museum has set out to create a digital books library about origami

and related arts through OverDrive / Libby, a digital book lending system similar to that used by many public and private libraries around the world.

There is an urgent need for origami books in South American countries, since they are hardly available in local bookstores. The option of buying them abroad is often not a solution due to the high costs of international transport. So a digital library would come to solve a fundamental problem that is the access to books even in the most remote regions.


The development of this service will require an expense of US $4,500 (US dollars). To reach this amount we still need to raise US $4,000. The good news is that half will be matched by an anonymous person if we manage to collect the other half.


You can use the buttons provided here to make your donation via Paypal.

No amount is too small and everything helps to reach the goal!

We hope that soon the digital library will become a reality.

Thank you very much and let's take care of each other!

Laura Sofi


Origami Museum
Colonia del Sacramento


I want to donate!: Choose the button you prefer, click and it will send you to the Paypal site where you can complete your donation.

Donations by Paypal are in US dollars.

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U$S 10.00

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U$S 50.00

Choose this button if you want to give a different amount

U$S 25.00

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U$S 100.00

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If you live in Uruguay : you can donate by making a deposit to a BROU or Abitab / RedPagos bank account. Write us at this email to get the information about the accounts to make the deposit. Thank you very much!

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