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Origami Objects

Choose your object and send us an email to reserve it ( ). We will contact you to indicate the form of payment that can be by card (MercadoPago), Abitab or in cash if you pick-up at the museum. In this case, we will coordinate the day and time of delivery. Prices are in Uruguayan pesos. Shipments are made by agency throughout Uruguay (not abroad). Due to the health emergency, we will contact you before you make the payment to ensure the feasibility of the shipment.

Origami Box Kit
Origami set for beginners, adults and children from 6-7 years. Children under this age can make origami with the help of an adult. Click on the photo for more images.

Origami Box . 15x15x4 cm plastic box that contains all the other products and serves to store them
Inside the box there are :


An envelope with 48 sheets Fabriano papers in eight different colors 15x15 cm

An envelope of 24 sheets of printed Tesel papers 15x15ccm

An envelope of 24 sheets of printed Tesel papers 10x10 cm

A set of ribbons 1.5x30cm (96 ribbons) to make stars

A booklet with tutorials to make different types of pieces

A Tutorial to make stars Lucky Star

Four Sample Folded Pieces (Heart, Sachet, Frog, Star, and Modular)

Foldscope: The Paper Microscope $ 600

Foldscope is a microscope that is assembled by cutting and folding paper.

The Foldscope lens magnifies 140 times and attaches to the cell phone to view, photograph, and film the microscopic world.

The Foldscope program, created at Stanford, seeks to stimulate scientific curiosity by promoting the use of the microscope in children and adults around the world.

A carrying pouch containing die-cut paper to assemble a microscope. Magnifiers. Accessories for the collection and preservation of samples in the field and laboratory; cell phone couplers accessories.
Origin: Prakash Lab. Stanford University, USA.

The Foldscope microscope attaches to your cell phone!
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