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Who said that caravans can't be made of paper?

These beautiful caravans (that's how earrings are called in Uruguay), are made of origami combined with fancy beads.


The paper, called Washi, is made in Japan using an ancient and artisanal technique and then it is printed in serigraphy, which is also a manual technique and requires a lot of skill.


Washi is an exquisite, noble and durable paper. The colors are very vivid and a very subtle layer of lacquer is given as protection, which does not paste or modify the tones of the paper, giving it resistance.

Well cared for, these earrings last for many years and are among the favorite souvenirs of visitors to the Origami Museum.

Here you will find a selection of the best designs from the museum shop. To enlarge the images, click with the cursor on each one of them.

Prices: between $ 490 and $ 590 (consult). Does not include shipping. WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN URUGUAY. Prices expressed in Uruguayan currency.

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