• EXHIBITIONS: The Origami Museum in Colonia is open to visitors from around the world. Located in a district proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it organizes its exhibitions in a broad and informative manner. In this approach, it features exhibit halls that trace the history of folding in the East and West up to its present applications in science, robotics, space exploration and industrial and textile design, bolstered by original artworks produced by renowned artists, historical documentation and many videos available to the public.

  • THE GERSHON LEGMAN LIBRARY: The Museum’s collection includes around 300 origami books for all experience levels. It also maintains an archive of historical documents partially consisting of the legacy of Gershon Legman, the first origami historian. An appointment is necessary for consultation of library documents. 

  • WORKSHOPS: The Origami Museum in Coloniaplans to offer training workshops at different levels as well as origami teacher training workshops. These are projected to begin in 2020, and information about these will be forthcoming. 

  • FILM: Showings of documentary films related to origami. 

  • STORE: Sales of paper origami figures (kamiy washi), books, kits and topical souvenirs.



The Museo del Origami in Colonia del Sacramento aims at engaging the public in the art of paperfolding (origami), through its collection of works of art and the ongoing community programs in-house and online.  

The museum assembles, expands and preserves a first-class international collection of historical and contemporary works for the purpose of offering the public, regardless of age or background, a comprehensive selection that encompasses the various typologies of folding and a vision of its history grounded in verifiable sources while promulgating the basic principles of its techniques and its applications in the arts and sciences. 

The museum maintains an important archive of historical documents, supports research and promotes the formal and informal teaching of origami for all ages.  



Manage and develop training programs for teachers, guides and the general public on origami techniques and applications at school, tourism and in other areas of services and knowledge with educational and employment prospects.

To make the museum a model and reference point for new origami museums elsewhere in the world in the conviction that the small museum format is an option that can be replicated and sustained over time.

Encourage the formation of an international network of museums with similar criteria of self-management.


The Origami Museum in Cologne bases its principles on respect for all creators and interpreters of this art, valuing their freedom and independence without conditions. It encourages the practice of recognition of authorship, respect for copyright and requesting permission from authors to teach, exhibit and / or disseminate their origami models in person or on virtual platforms.
The Origami Museum subscribes to the international motto: "Origami is for everyone, everywhere, and at all times". It is an art to share and give, to rejoice and give joy to others. It is inclusive by definition. Perhaps there is no more affordable and accessible art, based on a simple sheet of paper with infinite creative possibilities for all ages, regardless of social status, gender, age and origin. It is, at the same time, an effective tool to promote skills in all people, and in particular with proven effectiveness in individuals with special abilities, older adults and hospitalized patients. That is why the Origami Museum is not only an open-door museum for all visitors, but also seeks to promote democratic and inclusive values in its community projects and programs.


Artist: Nguyen Cuong (Vientman)

Mother and Child

Artist: Christine Edison (USA)


Artist: Nguyen Cuong (Vientman)

Frog and Leaf

Artist: Bernie Peyton (USA)


Monday closed (holidays open as weekends)
Tuesday to Friday 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays  3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Ituzaingó 131

Barrio Histórico
Colonia del Sacramento

Whatsapp: (+598) 096 96 23 26

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