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Origami for Beginners
Author: Florence Temko

32 full color pages.

40 super simple projects.

Ideal for children.

$ 600 (does not include shipping)

Origami Boxes
Author: Tomoko Fuse

96 full color pages.
More than 30 exquisite models, from simple to advanced.

$ 920 (does not include shipping)

Fun with Origami
Traditional Origami

16 pages.

17 very simple projects.

The book includes 24 sheets of Japanese kami origami paper.

$ 600 (does not include shipping)

Harry Potter Origami

112 pages to fold the magical world of Harry Potter.

The book includes 24 stamped sheets to carry out the projects.

Simple to advanced level.

$ 750 (does not include shipping)

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Easy Origami
Traditional Origami

48 black and white pages.

32 super simple models.

For children and beginners

$ 600 (does not include shipping)

Easy Origami Animals
Autor: John Montroll

48 pages full color.

23 models. Simple to Intermediate.

$ 600 (does not include shipping)

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Origami, A Step-by-Step Intro

96 full color pages.

Beautiful book to explore origami with children. Includes a pack of Japanese kami paper of various colors.

$ 785 (does not include shipping)

Quiero Hacer Origami
Authors: Masao et al

72 pages, 80 papers with exclusive designs, in a hardcover container folder. In Spanish. Initial to intermediate levels.

$ 720 (does not include shipping)

Mind-Blowing Modular Origami
Author: Byriah Loper

Exquisitely edited book with

19 models for the most demanding origamists. Some pieces are somewhat simpler. A real challenge or just a beautiful book to delight in awe.

$ 850 (does not include shipping) OUT OF STOCK

Dinosaurs for Beginners
Author: John Montroll

48 full color pages.

24 models. Simple to advanced.

$ 600 (does not include shipping)

El Ángel del Origami
Autora: Laura Rozenberg

A book on the history of origami. With diagrams to fold Ligia Montoya figures.

$ 650 (does not include shipping)

Paper Life
Autora: Laura Rozenberg

English version of "El Ángel del Origami". 

$650 (does not include shipping)

120 pages with mythological models and the figures of the Chinese horoscope.
Intermediate to advanced levels.

$ 1000 (does not include shipping)

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