The Museo del Origami in Colonia invites you to contribute with a donation or subscription to collaborate with ongoing projects. The donation is a one-time sum. The subscription is a monthly contribution. The amount is up to you.

The Origami Museum got off to a successful start: over 3,000 people visitors in the first month and a half. After the temporary closure due to the pandemic, we did not give up. We continue to produce activities to bring origami, its history and artists to everyone around the world.

The projects for 2020 underway are:

  • Videolibrary: a collection of short videos made by the museum about the artists and the history of paperfolding

  • Online courses made by a team of professionals. (Origami and Geometry: Origami for people with special needs; etc.)

  • Acquisition of artwork 

  • Procurement of library books

  • Creation of the first Origami Digital Library (the platform will be provided by OverDrive, a book depository and licencing company with a DMR system that prevents unlawful copying and facilitates temporary loans under the author / publisher's license. This is the system used by libraries such as the New York Public Library).

These projects require a budget of at least US $ 5,000. Currently, the museum remains closed due to the pandemic and all the maintenance  is paid by its director and some income from the online store. This is why we are inviting more people to help if they wish. With a contribution from friends of the Museo del Origami, we can achieve this goal. To donate, simply click on one of the Paypal buttons below.

With deep gratitude, 
Laura Rozenberg-Sofi


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