The Origami Museum in Colonia , Uruguay, formally opened its doors on January 24, 2020, after ten years of intense work. No sacrifice was too much and the more than 3,000 people from all over the world who visited the museum in just a month and a half was the best compensation we could hope for.


Suddenly, however, on March 14, due to the health emergency imposed in Uruguay in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic, on-site activities had to be suspended until further notice.

We do not lower our arms . We continue to produce free activities to bring origami, its history and its protagonists closer to as many people as possible.


Projects completed and under development : We launched the video library and are preparing online courses and workshops.

Lending library and Digital library : The museum is buying print books that will be the base of the lending library (members in Uruguay will be able to pick up a book or request to be sent by mail for a certain period). The museum also set out to create a digital library run through OverDrive/Libby, a system used by many public libraries around the world. The development of this service will require an expense of U$S 4,500 (US dollars). To reach this amount we still need to raise U$S 4,000. Half will be donated by an anonymous person if we manage to collect the other half ( matching system).

Your contribution helps. Despite efforts, income at this difficult stage remains scarce. That is why we have opened this channel where friends of the museum, if they wish, can make their contribution. No amount is in short supply and will help maintain the facilities and continue the various tasks of the museum.

Here you will find PayPal buttons to make a donation of your choice.

Thank you very much and take care

Laura Sofi
Museo del Origami

Colonia del Sacramento

If you live in Uruguay : you can donate by making a deposit to a BROU or Abitab / RedPagos bank account. Write us at this email to get the information about the accounts to make the deposit. Thank you very much!

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